All of our cakes are individually designed and priced accordingly. Therefore, the following is a guide. For a more detailed quotation, please contact us at including the date of your event, the number of servings required and any design ideas that you might have.

To give an idea of base prices for some different sized tiered cakes:

Three tiered cake with approximately 70 servings prices start from £275 

Three tiered cake with approximately 120 servings prices start from £320 

Four tiered cake with approximately 130 servings prices start from £380

These are the base prices for our standard menu flavoured cakes.

Flowers and additional decor are charged in addition to these costs.

For example, sugar roses cost between £15 and £35 depending on their size.

An arrangement of leaves and berries would cost approximately £10. 

Glitter tiers, marbling or simple details would add approximately £10-£20 per















Our premium menu flavours, such as fruitcake, carrot cake and sticky toffee are slightly more expensive based on their higher ingredient costs and the increased time involved in making them. Prices for those can be worked out based upon your specific design, so feel free to contact us for a quotation.

Delivery and set up of your cake is priced depending on the distance and time involved in doing so. To obtain a specific quotation for your wedding cake based on its design, size and location, please contact us with details of where your wedding reception will be held.

Email: / Telephone: 07444 262 443

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