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How important is my wedding cake?

According to a recent Hitched survey, around 80% of couples have a traditional cake cutting ceremony at their wedding reception. You might be surprised that the number is this high or maybe that it isn't higher. However, it was one of the most common traditions kept at weddings today according to the survey. With this in mind, it is clear that your cake will become a centrepiece on your wedding day, as well as the subject of many photographs - both official and taken by your guests - so it is important that it looks amazing and fits into the wider décor of your reception room.

Modern white wedding cake at Styal Lodge, Cheshire
All white wedding cake at Styal Lodge, Cheshire

Consider how you might present your cake - this cake was beautifully presented with a pedestal stand and fresh flowers covering the table. Your cake designer should be able to loan or advise where you can find suitable stands.

Another way to create a showstopping cake is to use bold colours.

This navy blue and gold cake has strong colours and a minimal modern design but is still a dramatic centrepiece.

But, and this is a big but, cakes are not merely there to provide a visual centrepiece. They are of course primarily to be eaten. Having a wedding cake is an ancient tradition and of course in the last century fruit cake was the choice of the day. However, today many couples opt for different flavours of sponge cake. In this way you can offer your guests a variety of cakes at your evening reception, adding to your edible offerings later in the evening and giving your guests a delicious treat to eat there or take home. I think this is a reason why your cake is so important - as well as a tradition, centrepiece, decoration and reflection of your wedding day, it is a little gift that you can share with your family and friends who shared your special day.

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